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News & Highlights

  • 2020 Global Teacher Prize Winner 14 December 2020 Irina Bokova, member of the Bridge Tank’s board, congratulated the winner of the Global Teacher Prize of 2020, Ranjitsinh Disale, on the 14th of December. She saluted the courage and sacrifice of teachers across the globe during these times of uncertainty, when education suffers from its largest disruption in the… Read more
  • OMVS presents a check for 200 million CFA francs for the 9th World Water Forum 12 December 2020 Hamed Semega, member of the Bridge Tank’s board and High Commissioner to Sub-Regional Organisation for the Senegal River Basin Development Authority (Organisation de Mise en Valeur du Fleuve Senegal, OMVS), handed the organisers of the 9th World Water Forum (which will take place in 2022) a 200 million CFA francs… Read more
  • A loan of 40 million euros has been announced for the development of the H2 Corridor project 10 December 2020 Raphaël Schoentgen, member of the Bridge Tank’s board and Founder and CEO of Hydrogen Advisors, took part in the advisory consortium gathering Seiya, Element Energy France, and Hydrogen Advisors that, in support to French Occitanie Region and AdOcc, its economic development agency, and AREC, developed the Corridor H2 Project for… Read more
  • Liberal forum for political dialogue: freedom of the press and the fight against fake news in the digital age 7 December 2020 El Hadj Kasse, member of the Bridge Tank’s board, was one of the keynote speakers of the Liberal Forum of Political Dialogue dedicated to the freedom of the press and the fight against fake news during the digital age. This event took place on the 7th of December 2020 in Dakar, Senegal. Among the… Read more
  • T20 handover between Saudi Arabia and Italy 30 November 2020 The T20 presidency handover between Saudi Arabia and Italy took place on the 30th of November 2020. The Argentinian, Japanese and Saudi chairs of the former presidencies attended this important event, to highlight the continuity of the works and research of the T20. The Bridge Tank has been a member of the T20 since 2016,… Read more
  • 2020 Horasis Asia Meeting 30 November 2020 During the annual Horasis Asia Meeting, which gathered 400 of the regions and the world’s most senior leaders from business and government, the speakers exchanged about the overcoming of the profound economic, political and social disruptions caused by COVID-19. This event took place on the 30th of November 2020.Joël Ruet… Read more
  • Democracies, Governances, Rules of law in Africa, which perspectives? 27 November 2020 Alain Dupouy, president of the Objective Future Africa Club (O2A) think tank and Alain Juppé’s former advisor for Africa, hosted a workshop which gathered political actors and activists from West African countries, notably Guinea, Tchad, Senegal, Ivory Coast, and Benin. This discussion was following the theme “Democracies, Governances, Rules of… Read more
  • Setting-up the roadmap for the G20 26 November 2020 Suresh Prabhu, India’s G7 and G20 Sherpa and member of the Bridge Tank’s board, Nicolas Pinaud, OECD G20 Sherpa, Joël Ruet, Deep Kapuria, co-chairman of the B20 Task Force on Digital Economy and Industry 4.0 and chairman of the CII Regional Committee on Central Europe, took part in the webinar… Read more
  • Debate between Rajiv Kumar and Yoginder Alagh on “Agricultural policies in the COVID phase” 25 November 2020 Rajiv Kumar, vice-Chairman and executive head of NITI Aayog, discussed with Yoginder Alagh, former Indian Minister of Power and member of the Bridge Tank’s board. NITI Aayog replaced the Planning Commission in 2015 and is chaired by Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister. This dialogue was organised by the World… Read more
  • World Internet Conference 24 November 2020 The World Internet Conference was co-organised by the Institute of Sustainable of the Chinese Academy of Science on the 23rd of November 2020. The Bridge Tank was invited to attend this hybrid conference, following its partnership with the Institute. Joël Ruet took part in the inauguration session of this event,… Read more
  • Joël Ruet is a keynote speaker at the International Think Tank Forum on the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road 23 November 2020 The International Think Tank Forum on the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road gathered Chinese and foreign scholars, government officials and international organization representatives on the 10th of November 2018 in Guangzhou (Guangdong, China). It was co-organized by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.… Read more
  • Joël Ruet on CGTN, about the G20 summit 22 November 2020 Joël Ruet was interviewed in the evening show « Dialogue » on CGTN to comment on the G20 Summit, along with Qu Qiang, Assistant Director of the International Monetary Institute of the Renmin University of China, Eric Ding, Epidemiologist and Senior Fellow of the Federation of American Scientists, and Andy… Read more
  • International Finance Forum 2020 22 November 2020 Edmond Alphandéry, former French Minister of Economy and former President of EDF, took part in the International Finance Forum 2020 Annual Meeting in the name of the task force he chairs, Carbon Pricing in Europe. The Bridge Tank’s team, who contributed to this task force’s work, also attended this event.… Read more
  • RCEP agreement and India 22 November 2020 Pranjal Sharma, member of the Bridge Tank’s board, wrote a paper for The Daily Guardian entitled “RCEP and India: Between the lines” on the 21st of November 2020. The RCEP is a multilateral trade agreement between Asian countries, started by China during the 2011 ASEAN meeting. China intends on using… Read more
  • US Presidential Election – What is the Global Outlook? Point of view of Jean-Claude Beaujour 21 November 2020 Jean-Claude Beaujour, Vice-President of the France-Americas Foundation and member of the Brigde Tank’s board, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former French Prime Minister and President of the Prospective and Innovation Foundation, Hubert Védrine, former French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kanwal Sibal, former Indian Ambassador to France, Alexandre Orlov, former Russian Ambassador to France,… Read more
  • Biden and the new diplomacy: India will need to recalibrate its strategy to suit changing global realities 20 November 2020 Yoginder Alagh, member of the Bridge Tank’s board, wrote an article in the Indian Express entitled “Biden and new diplomacy: India will need to recalibrate its strategy to shifting global realities” on the 18th of November 2020.In this article, he argued that the Biden presidency’s interactions with the political, environmental… Read more
  • Participation of Irina Bokova in the “Africa Industrialization Week 2020” conference 19 November 2020 Irina Bokova, member of the Bridge Tank’s board and Chair of PhosAgro’s Sustainable Development Committee, took part in the online conference “Africa Industrialisation Week 2020” on the 18th of November 2020. She intervened in the panel entitled “The Future of Employment for Young Women and Men in Africa: Accelerating Job… Read more
  • Conference: being a social democrat in Africa 18 November 2020 Martin Ziguélé, former Prime Minister of the Central African Republic, took part in the Bridge Tank’s conversation about being social democrat in Africa. He discussed with Joël Ruet and Stéphane Gompertz, former French Ambassador to Austria and Ethiopia and Africa Director at the Quai d’Orsay, about various subjects, including social… Read more
  • Suresh Prabhu speaks at the conference “Water and sanitation for all: the fight against pandemics” 13 November 2020 Suresh Prabhu, member of the Bridge Tank’s board, took part in the online conference “Water and Sanitation for All: The Fight Against Pandemics”, hosted online by the global social movement One Shared World, on the 12th of November 2020. On this occasion, he addressed over half a million people and… Read more
  • The COVID19 vaccination campaign in Morocco – Point of view of Joël Ruet 13 November 2020 Joël Ruet was interviewed on 2MTV about the Moroccan vaccination campaign on the 12th of November 2020. He highlighted that Morocco has been very efficient in its handling of the COVID-19 epidemic since the start, by taking very early economic and lockdown measures. Vaccines, he argued, are the best weapon… Read more
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