Challenges and Options for the Economic & Ecological Transition of India

Joel Ruet exchanged with Dr. Anita Gupta from the Government of India and Dr Joumard form OECD during the conference organised by Avrist on Innovation in India.

He raised the following points:

•Ecological and Energy transitions are at least as bottom-up, actors driven, as they are top-down and state pushed.•Innovation cycles, including adoption and massificationplay a determining yet under-analysed, role in these.

•Transitions imply the long term creation of a whole ecosystem, to which several countries (China, Brazil, the EU or US…) show that upstream scientific programs and continuity are a determinig factor… India featuring midway.

•“Options” may be regained on this, though: 

e-market, e-health, moving the ladder on renewable energies, from frugal innovation to lesser inputs, circular economy, localised agriculture, joint financing of startups, joint financing of research and… AI on languages – not just R&D centres for the value chain, but innovation for India

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