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Taking the conversation further, embarking to action

Conversations mature and sharpen as they repeat: analysis is better absorbed when it is jointly framed and conducted. Projects are most resilient when developed and supported by freely committed and like-minded peers. We invite you to work with us in three “clubs” for framing break-throughs and providing support: for strategy, innovation, and addressing global challenges.

Our Clubs

The Industry after China

Will the next frontier of technological innovation be developed in cooperation with China, in parallel, or at odds with China? How should we understand China’s statist industrial model?

Innovation for Climate Finance

Mitigation finance is getting structured, while adaptation is still searching for adequate models.
What can companies, technology and "blended" public-private finance do next?

The Bridge of Solutions

In a turbulent world, leaders gather to offer solutions for the creation, funding, and protection of global public goods, or to simply keep the necessary conversation going despite difficult times.

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