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  • The Bridge Tank Report – Renewable Energy auctions in Kazakhstan in light of Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, India and Germany 7 January 2022 In the context of our accelerating and transforming economic and energy systems, renewable energy auction systems have contributed in some manner to stimulating the renewables sector over the past decades. This is mainly due to the lower costs of new technologies, useful for emerging countries lacking investment resources, but also… Read more
  • The Bridge Tank and the French Development Agency launched a joint seminar series on blue economy in the Bay of Bengal (Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka) 30 November 2021 The Bridge Tank and AFD are co-hosting three workshops to understand the way in which Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka organize their blue economy strategies, adapt to the physical impacts of climate change of the fishery resource and to identify the priorities, the opportunities and the needs for action. Along… Read more
  • “Profiteering & pandemic: WTO, pharma industry must introspect”, tribune by our board member Pranjal Sharma 22 November 2021 In the ongoing context of the Covid-19 pandemic, our board member, Pranjal Sharma, wrote the following OpEd, published by The Daily Guardian, on the benefits of waivering the IPR (intellectual property rights) on vaccine production, particularly for low-income countries such as India and those of the African continent. Read his… Read more
  • France 24 – Joël Ruet speaks on the 2021 Chinese Communist Party Congress and Chinese economic difficulties 15 November 2021 The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began its most important meeting of the year on Monday, the 8th of November 2021, which will set President Xi Jinping's historic vision in stone. The Beijing strongman has been in power for nine years and in a year's time will seek a third term… Read more
  • Special Report – Moving ahead of COP26 & COP15: finance & coalitions for hydrogen & the blue economy 10 November 2021 In the context of international negotiations on climate and biodiversity (COP26 and COP15), The Bridge Tank has developed analyses on global priority topics, these international conferences of which are considered as some of the most urgent. This report aims to contribute to the global and diplomatic discussion on climate change… Read more
  • 2M TV Morocco – Joël Ruet speaks on how the roll-out of the vaccine pass will facilitate the return to normal life 26 October 2021 Joël Ruet, President of The Bridge Tank, spoke on newscast Infosoir on Monday 25 October on the French-Moroccan television channel 2M. Joël Ruet indicated that the world is in a new phase in the treatment of the pandemic, with imperatives and specificities that differ from the period of its advent.… Read more
  • The Bridge Tank contributes to the 2021 Armenian edition of the Summit of Minds 25 October 2021 The 2021 Armenian edition of the Summit of Minds forum was held on the 23rd and 24th of October in the city of Dijilan, in the presence of Armenian President Armen Sarkissian. The Bridge Tank’s president Joël Ruet, attended this event alongside our board member Pranjal Sharma, who intervened on… Read more
  • OpEd: G20 Must Help Low Income Countries Get Out of Debt Crises 14 October 2021 On the occasion of the G20 Finance Ministers meeting in Washington DC, our Policy Brief on the modernization of the African Banking sector was mentioned in an OpEd in Diplomatic Courier by Joel Ruet. This paper suggests that, in addition to sovereign aid, commercial banks in Africa get a fairer… Read more
  • Issue Brief: AUKUS – A storm in the Pacific 5 October 2021 On 15 September 2021, Australia terminated a contract with France to supply conventional submarines, in favor  of a nuclear military-technology collaboration with the United States and the United Kingdom. This breach of contract highlighted the nascent AUKUS (Australia, United Kingdom and United States) military alliance, which was created in response… Read more
  • Our board member, Irina Bokova, is part of the “Leaders pour la Paix” delegation received by Pope Francis 22 September 2021 The Bridge Tank's board member and former Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, was received at the Vatican on Saturday, 4th of September by Pope Francis as part of the official "Leaders pour la paix" (Leaders for Peace) delegation.In his speech, Pope Francis acknowledged the Covid-19 pandemic and the particular difficulties… Read more
  • “Transatlantic Talks: Reflections for Europe with French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin 21 September 2021 On 21 September 2021, The Bridge Tank and the France-Amériques Circle inaugurated the "Transatlantic Talks". The objective of these meetings is to bring together decision-makers around a personality in a closed format, and aim to feed into proposals ahead of the French Presidency of the European Union.This first meeting gathered… Read more
  • The Bridge Tank participates the 2021 edition of the Summit of Minds 20 September 2021 The 2021 edition of the Summit of Minds forum took place at Chamonix, from the 17 – 19th of September. This year, the Summit was focused on two main ideas: key macro issues and wellness and wellbeing, with a particular spotlight on natural capital (nature as a productive asset). In… Read more
  • When bad controversies drive out the good ones: rehabilitating scientific controversy 14 September 2021 At a time when Covid variants are multiplying, what is known genetically about this virus, from the processes of its emergence, to the role of virology in the analysis of its current evolution, to the genetic origins of its transformation into a pandemic, as well as the hypothesis of the… Read more
  • Sustainable Energy transition trajectories in large countries 31 July 2021 By Baudouin Becker, Antoine Goutaland, Xieshu Wang,  Joël Ruet, Laure Elise Wargnier and Malaurie Le Bail.The ecological emergency has caused a sharp pressure on policy makers to concentrate their efforts on elaborating public policies to organize the passage from the existing fossil fuels based system, that is unsustainable, to another… Read more
  • The making of Hydrogen – Definition and acceleration of a sector 28 July 2021 By Joël Ruet, Baudouin Becker, Antoine Goutaland and Xieshu Wang.Hydrogen is a subject in trend and announcements of breakthrough hydrogen technologies have been multiplying in the last couple months. Indeed, it seems hydrogen, as an energy vector similar to electricity, has imposed itself in most government’s eyes as an indispensable… Read more
  • The current state of the hydrogen ecosystems in the world 28 July 2021 By Florian Dommergues and Joël RuetRetrospectively, 2021 might well prove to be the breakthrough year for the ecological transition towards climate neutral societies. With the election of Joe Biden, who reinstated the United States in the Paris Agreement hours after coming into office, the ecological transition has gained new momentum.… Read more
  • EU strategic interests vis-à-vis China: our article published in the National Defence Review and published by China Today 23 July 2021 As the strategy of European autonomy in the face of Chinese power gathers traction, The Bridge Tank published an issue brief in both the National Defense Review and China Today. An indication that rigorous discussion for a tight negotiation remains possible?After two years of work, The Bridge Tank has positioned… Read more
  • China’s policy on strategic materials – impact on the batteries ecosystem and industry recommendations 15 July 2021 By Xieshu Wang and Joël Ruet.Strategic materials, such as rare earth, lithium, cobalt or nickel, are indispensable inputs for green transition technologies such as wind turbines or batteries for electric vehicles. With more and more governments aiming to reach climate neutrality by 2050 and as the necessity to transition to… Read more
  • Policy Brief – Hydrogen, a new commodity, a ‘magic’ energy carrier, or a prescriber of demanding public policies? 7 July 2021 By Antoine Goutaland and Joël Ruet "Hydrogen" is seeing its industrial and energy uses differ while its synthesis processes abound. But in reality, there are hydrogens whose promoters constitute a heterogeneous club with more or less convergent interests, present at different geographical, sectoral and temporal levels. A unified and stabilised… Read more
  • Tribune: The Winners and Losers of the Australian-China Trade War 5 July 2021 The current trade war between Australia and China has heavily impacted the position and importance of China’s global trading partners, particularly within the beef and wine industry. Whilst Australia has undoubtedly suffered, other countries such as USA and Brazil are taking this opportunity to fill in the market gap. The… Read more
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