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Challenges and Options for the Economic & Ecological Transition of India

Joel Ruet exchanged with Dr. Anita Gupta from the Government of India and Dr Joumard form OECD during the conference organised by Avrist on Innovation in India.

He raised the following points:

•Ecological and Energy transitions are at least as bottom-up, actors driven, as they are top-down and state pushed.•Innovation cycles, including adoption and massificationplay a determining yet under-analysed, role in these.

•Transitions imply the long term creation of a whole ecosystem, to which several countries (China, Brazil, the EU or US…) show that upstream scientific programs and continuity are a determinig factor… India featuring midway.

•“Options” may be regained on this, though: 

e-market, e-health, moving the ladder on renewable energies, from frugal innovation to lesser inputs, circular economy, localised agriculture, joint financing of startups, joint financing of research and… AI on languages – not just R&D centres for the value chain, but innovation for India

Pranjal Sharma speaks during the Reboot Work Festival on the panel “AI, Automation & Future of work”

Pranjal Sharma, advisor at the Davos World Economic Forum and member of the Bridge Tank’s board, was one of the keynote panellists of the Reboot Work Festival on the 17th of December 2020. He intervened in the panel entitled “AI, Automation & Future of work”, alongside with Rajesh Kumar, Regional Head of Marketing at UiPath. He argued that a new “normal” would come along the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with new digital trends to help businesses to readapt and build resiliency.

Meeting between Hakima El Haite, President of the Liberal International and Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara

Hakima El Haite, President of Liberal International and member of the Bridge Tank’s board, had a private audience with Alassane Ouattara, the Ivorian President, on the 15th of December 2020. This event took place aside from Alassane Ouattara’s re-election and investiture as president, after his campaign as the candidate of the Rally of Republicans. He is also the leader of this party. They exchanged about the activities of the Liberal International, as well as about the development perspectives of Côte d’Ivoire.

Liberal International is the world federation of liberal and progressive democratic political parties. Recently, it notably called for democracy and human rights to be respected in the Ugandan elections and called on the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women to condemn violence against Egyptian women human rights defenders.

2020 Global Teacher Prize Winner

Irina Bokova, member of the Bridge Tank’s board, congratulated the winner of the Global Teacher Prize of 2020, Ranjitsinh Disale, on the 14th of December. She saluted the courage and sacrifice of teachers across the globe during these times of uncertainty, when education suffers from its largest disruption in the history of humanity. She also reminded the public that “nothing can replace a good teacher”, and that it was key that, after the crisis, people still show teachers support.

US Presidential Election – What is the Global Outlook? Point of view of Jean-Claude Beaujour

Jean-Claude Beaujour, Vice-President of the France-Americas Foundation and member of the Brigde Tank’s board, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former French Prime Minister and President of the Prospective and Innovation Foundation, Hubert Védrine, former French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kanwal Sibal, former Indian Ambassador to France, Alexandre Orlov, former Russian Ambassador to France, and André Chieng, President of Asian European Trade, took part in a webinar organised by the Prospective and Innovation Foundation. This event aimed at gathering American, Asian and European perspectives on the American presidential elections and its potential global consequences. This webinar took place on the 20th of November 2020.

Jean-Claude Beaujour argued that the election process and institutions had been respected in the 2020 election. He argued that Joe Biden’s election was mainly due to the support of the democrats, but also due to the handling of the coronavirus crisis by the Republicans as well as a will to not have Donald Trump as President. However, an important part of the American population still supported Donald Trump, which highlights the division of the society. Jean-Claude Beaujour also argued that Joe Biden’s priorities, once he officially becomes President, will be focused on domestic policies rather than changing the transatlantic relations, which will then have to be a European duty.

Biden and the new diplomacy: India will need to recalibrate its strategy to suit changing global realities

Yoginder Alagh, member of the Bridge Tank’s board, wrote an article in the Indian Express entitled “Biden and new diplomacy: India will need to recalibrate its strategy to shifting global realities” on the 18th of November 2020.

In this article, he argued that the Biden presidency’s interactions with the political, environmental and global institutions would have major implications for India, particularly on the natural forests of Kashmir and the rights of Adivasis.

Indian lobby groups are still very active in Washington, whether they’re close to the Democrats (mostly the ones associated to NGOs of minorities) or to Trump supporters (mostly representing Hindutva groups). These lobbyists will play a key role in the representation and defence of Indian interests, in a changing context affecting the Americano-Indian relation as well as India’s place in international relations.

The COVID19 vaccination campaign in Morocco – Point of view of Joël Ruet

Joël Ruet was interviewed on 2MTV about the Moroccan vaccination campaign on the 12th of November 2020. He highlighted that Morocco has been very efficient in its handling of the COVID-19 epidemic since the start, by taking very early economic and lockdown measures. Vaccines, he argued, are the best weapon against this virus, and will help people to protect others, which will reduce and limit the COVID-19’s spread. The clinical study of the effects of this vaccine will also be helpful for the rest of the planet to understand the virus better.

Coronavirus Shows Healthcare Needs Global Governance


We firmly believe it is time to re-consider every country’s health security, using global governance tools that already exist. If we have the will and resources to invest into financial stability or limit global heating, why is health security not on the table too?

COVID-19 : Let us take off our Blinders and Build a New World


While we are giving in to the emergency, nature and its ecosystems are already preparing the next tornadoes, freezes, fires and floods, the next viruses to resolve the matter, in one way or another.

We have this choice, all together, today, to remove our blinders.

France Might Miss The Great African Transformation

No French diplomat was present at the launching of the African Union “2016 Transition Report” in New York on September 21st. Is it because it is an internal matter of the African Union, or is it symptomatic of a French disregard for the  transformation of the continent ? In either case, it appears that it is one of the many signs that France stands idle by as Africa undergoes many changes. Read Joel Ruet’s analysis on this matter in this OpEd published in Jeune Afrique

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