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Mrs. UN Secretary General : The Final Race Ticks In

This year’s election process for the position of the next UN Secretary General is by far the most open and transparent in the UN’s history following 70 years of closed-door negotiating and secretive lobbying. On Tuesday for the first time, ten out of twelve candidates took part in two televised debates where they unfolded their visions for the future of the UN and set out their plans to tackle the numerous challenges the organization faces today (…). It does seem that it is the year of woman -at least as far as the election is concerned- and the four candidates that clearly came on top were all women : Irina Bokova, Helen Clark, Christiana Figueres and Susana Malcorra. Read more …

COP 22 in Morocco : African solutions for Africa and the world ?

Morocco just announced its three top priorities for COP22, inviting partner countries to join the “Triple A” initiative : “Adaptation, Agriculture, Africa”. For the three co-authors of this OpEd published inJeune Afriqueon the 2nd of June, The initiative appears to be a major step although it has not been headlined by the media. It is the opinion of Joel Ruet, economist in the CNRS and Chairman of The Bridge Tank, Adam Thiam, former Chief of Staff to the African Union commission president and Matthieu Wemaëre, lawyer and adviser to Peru’s government for COP20, and to Morocco’s government for COP21. They believe it holds a promise of tangible, concrete and quick solution, and explain why.

Read the Op-Ed in French

Emerging economies cracked : a matter of economic diversification

On the occasion of COP21, December 8, Joel Ruet, Chairman of The Bridge Tank, and Guillaume Henry, the lawyer entitled Intellectual Property, presented the report “Sustainable Development and Intellectual Property: Access to technologies emerging” at the prestigious Club “Cercle de l’Union Interalliée”.

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The African Way to Emerge : The Vision of the Elites

Despite growth rates that are close to Asian levels, Africa continues to draw doubts from experts, who point to various structural problems. African elites are conscious of the challenges, but promote a positive vision focused on solutions and opportunities. Mohamed Soual (Chief Economist of Moroccan’s leading industrial company), Mamadou Lamine Diallo (Senegal Member of Parliament) and Joël Ruet (Chairman of the Bridge Tank) join voices in this column published in Le Monde Afrique on the 3rdof November 2015. These three authors analyse the African issues and economical challenges, with a specific focus on green revolution potential, local and regional cooperation, and mining and energy sectors incomes:. Read the text in French…

Emerging Africa : Under Which Conditions ?

It’s Africa’s turn to emerge according to experts. But according to those external voices, it will only happen provided that the continent enhances its natural resources. In this column published in Le Mondeon the 13th of October 2015, Joel Ruet and El Hadj Kassé (Minister-Counselor to the President of Senegal) believe that the conditions are quite different than the picture being painted by these experts. They advocate for inclusive growth in Africa, with qualitative investment in people and internal and sustainable dynamics, which will enable these countries to move away from sole reliance on natural resources income. Read the text in French

Meet the Prospective Next UN Secretary-General

Global leaders are gathering in New York this week for the 70thregular session of the United Nations General Assembly, and the search for Ban Ki-moon’s successor is intensifying. Candidates will be needed who have experience in shepherding complex multilateral relationships, can be a bridge builder between the United States, Russia, and China, and crucially have a vision for the UN during their tenure.

Which names will be whispered in the halls of Turtle Bay? Who is staking their claim? And which candidates are best placed to succeed Ban Ki-moon and lead the United Nations? Here is the list of confirmed or rumored candidates from Eastern Europe … Read more

French Blindness on Indian Industry

Beyond the Rafale’s “deal” with India, France needs to fundamentally change the way it understands the position of India within the global economy today. As India develops partnerships and seeks to strengthen its power in global industry, France needs to incorporate India’s new vision and “Make in India” program into its own vision about the sub-continent. In order to give priority to this major potential partner, France has to create an “industrial and economic diplomacy”. Joel Ruet, president of The Bridge Tank, defends this opinion in a column published on the blog Les chroniques de l’emergence/ Le Mondeon the 1stof June 2015. Read more in French

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