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Ahead of the international agenda and beyond the media rush, the Bridge Tank draws from its research and brings its innovative analyses to decision-makers by hosting our own events and participating in major global fora where our members have engaged in a recurring dialogue. Based on curated and stable strategic choices defined with our International Advisory Board, we provide Reports and Policy Briefs bringing “solutions” to selected audiences, in a spirit of balanced engagement with all active parties on the issues that mobilize us. Since 2016, the Bridge Tank has also been a member of the T20 –– the G20’s engagement group, comprising of around a hundred global think tanks.

  • Insights into Emerging Economies n°4 – Who will drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution? 18 April 2016 The Bridge Tank  analyzes the theme of the 2016 Davos Forum and identifies the new emerging economies as being the key to economic diversification. For more on this subject, take a look at our "Insights into Emerging Economies" . The 2016 edition of the Davos Forum opens on 20 January, inviting… Read more
  • Insights into Emerging Economies n°3 – Towards new global industrial alliances 18 April 2016 This week, The Bridge Tank gives its point of view on COP-21 and the resulting lessons to be learnt. As a preview for the Abu Dhabi "Sustainability Week", it is vital to understand how environmental issues have managed to spark interest from emerging countries. Download for more information our Insight dedicated to… Read more
  • Insights into Emerging Economies n°2 – Special Feature on COP21 18 April 2016 At the dawn of COP21, it is time for a critical reading of the commitments made by the countries that are home to half of the world’s population today, and will be home to the majority, tomorrow. Download our Insights into Emerging Economies here . After the initial enthusiasm – with… Read more
  • Emerging economies cracked : a matter of economic diversification 15 February 2016 On the occasion of COP21, December 8, Joel Ruet, Chairman of The Bridge Tank, and Guillaume Henry, the lawyer entitled Intellectual Property, presented the report “Sustainable Development and Intellectual Property: Access to technologies emerging” at the prestigious Club “Cercle de l'Union Interalliée”. In his address, Joel Ruet said, “Today, the… Read more
  • Paris COP21 – Deploying electric vehicles in Brazil and India 4 January 2016 At COP21, in the Climate Generations area at Le Bourget on 7 December, experts from The Bridge Tank, the Sustainable Mobility Institute and Renault discussed the issue of electric mobility in India and Brazil, along with the energy, environmental and societal issues it raises. An opportunity for Joël Ruet to… Read more
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