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Pour des obligations vertes souveraines

How to combat climate change with fiscal policy?

“Investment in a low-carbon future is a key priority for many governments across the developed and developing world, and also for central banks looking to diversify their investment portfolios. One proposal for turning this priority into action is through the creation of climate policy performance bonds – calling them ‘sovereign climate bonds’.”

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Opinion: How Eastern Europe’s Right Deprived the World from Its First Female UN Secretary-General

As a Western European male and a Socialist, I should incidentally be very pleased with the election of Antonio Guterres as the next UN Secretary-General. After all Mr. Guterres is a seasoned diplomat, who masters several languages, and was able to gain the support of all the Security Councilmembers , not a benign result at times when some commentators are talking of a new cold war. Hence, my full-hearted congratulations! But, just as “cricket is an Indian game accidentally discovered by the British” (thus wrote the post-modernist Ashis Nandy, from Columbia University), it is more relevant to analyse the election from the consciously acquired, diligently nurtured, perspective of a gender-friendly, universalist, world citizen rather than that of the accidental male I am. Before moving ahead fully supporting the new leader, one has to plainly understand why the UNSC chose Guterres, shifting away from most commentators’ predictions; that this is the time for a woman from Eastern Europe to become the next UNSG.

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Conversation mondiale avec l’industrielle et designer sénégalaise Aïssa Dione

Démographie galopante, chômage massif, nécessité de valoriser les économies africaines, autant d’enjeux qui invitent à l’entrepreneuriat et à développer les savoir-faire de la population, chez les jeunes en particulier… Aïssa Dione oppose les besoins et les opportunités concrètes et propose la notion de « soft industry ».


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