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News & Highlights

  • Our Board member Suresh Prabhu gives a talk at the “Invest India” conference at the Davos Forum 30 January 2018 The 2018 edition of the Davos Forum took place between the 23rd and the 26th of January. Suresh Prabhu, Indian Minister of Commerce and Industry, intervened during the “Invest India” conference on the 23rd of January, along with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his State Secretary for Foreign Trade. The Minister and… Read more
  • Belt & Road Initiative : The Bridge Tank part of a study tour to China 28 November 2017 In November 2017, a Belt and Road Initiative study tour to China was organised by the Chinese Embassy in France. It gathered a delegation of 10 French personalities, which included Joel Ruet, President of The Bridge Tank, political decision makers, journalists and former general officers of the armed forces. This… Read more
  • Joël Ruet attends the Hope Foundation Gala Dinner chaired by Irina Bokova during the United Nation’s General Assembly 30 September 2017 During the United Nations’ General Assembly in New York, between the 19th and the 25th September 2017, Joël Ruet took part in a working lunch with the Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta in the Public Library of New York.  The Bridge Tank’s chairman then attended the annual Hope Foundation Dinner Gala on… Read more
  • The Bridge Tank at the 2017 United Nations General Assembly in New York 29 September 2017 During the United Nations’ General Assembly in New York, between the 19th and the 25th September 2017, our chairman, Joël Ruet, took part in a working lunch with the Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta in the Public Library of New York. Ruet then attended the annual Hope Foundation Dinner Gala… Read more
  • Investment Support Program for #LDCs at #UNGA 2017edition 23 September 2017 Thé Bridge Tank’s President Joel Ruet, accompanied by ElHaj Kasse member of our policy board, participated on September 22, 2017 to the Investment support program for LDCs (Least Developed Countries) at the UN headquarters. It was attended equally by ministers, heads of LDCs' investment promotion agencies, representatives of LDCs' development… Read more
  • France Might Miss The Great African Transformation 15 September 2017 No French diplomat was present at the launching of the African Union “2016 Transition Report” in New York on September 21st. Is it because it is an internal matter of the African Union, or is it symptomatic of a French disregard for the  transformation of the continent ? In either case,… Read more
  • The Bridge Tank, a T20 member, participated in the G20 Summit in Hamburg 14 August 2017 The Think20 (T20) is a network of research institutes and think tanks from the G20 countries. Its role is to provide policy recommendations to the G20. It also facilitates interaction between members and shares global issues through its blog. The Bridge Tank, member of the T20, participated in the G20… Read more
  • Ambitious mobility targets and industrial policy for India 7 August 2017 India is ambitious. In order to reduce its CO2 emissions and to respond to urban air pollution issues, it announces, through the voices of its ministers of transport and energy, unprecedented green transition targets in the mobility sector: 22,5% biofuel and 100% electric vehicles by 2030. However, the measures that… Read more
  • The Bridge Tank attends the 18th edition of the International Symi Symposium 10 July 2017 Between the 2nd and the 7th of July 2017, the 18th International Symi Symposium took place in Elounda, Crete. Centered around George Papandreou, former Prime Minister of Greece and currently President of the Socialist International, this forum gathers every year leading intellectuals, politicians, Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs, diplomats, scientists, and activists… Read more
  • Policy Brief – Soil as natural capital : a factor for sustainable growth diversification 1 July 2017 By Edouard Lanckriet - The soil is a living ecosystem that is capable of growth and diversification. It is also a productive capital but the conventional methods and technologies of its exploitation could lead to its destruction. Reversing this paradigm is the basis of a green growth strategy: the soil… Read more
  • The Bridge Tank meets The Shanghai Institute of International Studies 10 June 2017 On the 6th of June 2017, the Bridge Tank received in our Paris office at the Brongniart Palace a delegation of the Shanghai Institute of International Studies, led by its President, Chen Dongxiao, who chaired over the T20 conference during the 2016 Chinese presidency of the G20 summit. The discussion… Read more
  • Policy Brief: Financial Regulation and Climate Emergency – For Greener Prudential and Accounting Standards 1 June 2017 Abdeljellil Bouzidi, The Bridge Tank, has co-authored a Brief for the Think Tank Terra-Nova which the authors state that «It is vital for our economies to quickly reconcile funding methods with climate goals. Both the prudential regulation of European finance and the accounting system are still exclusively focused on the… Read more
  • The reopening of the Bonn climate negotiations: what are the challenges for COP 23? 23 May 2017 Joël Ruet was interviewed by the Moroccan National Radio and Television Company (SNRT) on the reopening of negotiations in Bonn.     One of the main issues raised during this interview was the ambiguous position of the United States, as the election of Donald Trump represents an uncertainty for the… Read more
  • Joël Ruet attends the “Think20 Global Solutions” summit 2 May 2017 Between the 29th and the 30th of May 2017, the Think20 Summit of Global Solutions was held in Berlin. The Bridge Tank was represented by president Joël Ruet. Ruet discussed with the African Union delegation, notably the Vice Chairperson of the African Union Commission Thomas Kwesi Quartey, on the role… Read more
  • Joël Ruet meets Wang Yao, member of China’s carbon committee, to discuss green finance issues 20 March 2017 On the 19th of March 2017, Joël Ruet visited the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing to meet with Professor Wang Yao, deputy secretary to the Green Finance Committee of China. She had already taken part in the final panel of the conferences organised by the Bridge Tank… Read more
  • The Bridge Tank attends the Summit of Young Indian Entrepeneurs 12 March 2017 The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) hosted the Indian Young Entrepreneurs' Summit at Taj Vivanta in Bangalore on 11 March 2017. Indu Krishnaswamy from Bridge Tank participated in the summit which this year was themed: 'Disrupting or how to transform practices and the world'. Entrepreneurs, government officials and directors of… Read more
  • The Bridge Tank attends the 12th India-Africa Conclave in New Delhi 11 March 2017 On the 9th and 10th of March 2017, the Confederation of Indian Industry and Exim Bank of India held their 12th Conclave on India-Africa  Partnership in New Delhi, India. This conclave was notably inaugurated by Pranab Mukherjee, President of India, and M.J. Akbar, minister of external affairs. Speakers included Nirmala… Read more
  • The Bridge Tank attends the 12th Confederation of Indian Industry Conclave on India-Africa in New Delhi 11 March 2017 On the 9th and 10th of March 2017, the Confederation of Indian Industry held its 12th Exim Bank Conclave on India-Africa Project Partnership in New Delhi, India. This conclave was notably inaugurated by Pranab Mukherjee, President of India, and M.J. Akbar, minister of external affairs. Speakers included Nirmala Sitharaman, Indian Minister of Commerce… Read more
  • Unlocking The Potential for Wind Energy in Southeast Asia: Evidence from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand 24 February 2017 The objective of this research paper is to provide an overview of the wind energy market in Southeast Asia and bridge the analytical gap.  The region is in the midst of an uncertain energy transition, and still faces a number of challenges. These include rapidly rising energy demand, undiversified energy… Read more
  • Insights into Emerging Economies n°8 – Perspective on China’s investments and a close-up on clean energy storage in the Global South 7 February 2017 Although China’s growth experienced a moderate slowdown in 2015, its foreign investment on the other hand soared. Officially set up in December 2015, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is showing the Asian giant’s firm intention to move away from a strategy based on mass production towards a logic of… Read more
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