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  • How does the pandemic impact the competition between the United States and China? 30 May 2020 An Issue Brief, by Ambassador Philippe COSTE.   Tensions between the two competitors are escalating, China’s situation vis-à-vis the United States is likely to strengthen and global governance is even more severely lacking than in the past, calling for more of European contruction.  Download the French text  ► Not only the… Lire la suite
  • Coronavirus Shows Healthcare Needs Global Governance 12 April 2020 BY IRINA BOKOVA, HAKIMA EL HAITE, GEORGE PAPANDREOU, JOËL RUET We firmly believe it is time to re-consider every country’s health security, using global governance tools that already exist. If we have the will and resources to invest into financial stability or limit global heating, why is health security not… Lire la suite
  • COVID-19 : Let us take off our Blinders and Build a New World 12 April 2020 BY HAKIMA EL HAITE & JOËL RUET .  While we are giving in to the emergency, nature and its ecosystems are already preparing the next tornadoes, freezes, fires and floods, the next viruses to resolve the matter, in one way or another. We have this choice, all together, today, to… Lire la suite
  • The Bridge Tank’s 2020 Davos – Highlights 23 January 2020 As each year, Davos is too hectic to come into a post. Here are, beyond our own organized "Innovation Lunch", some highlights. We started with a TV interview on this year's theme on sustainable environment at the 50th World Economic Forum - . The Davos forum of course lags… Lire la suite
  • In conversation – better sharing the dividends of growth 18 January 2020 At G20 / T20, Saudi Deputy Minister of Finance said multilateral organizations have succeeded in ensuring efficiency but have failed in distribution - they "have focused on creating growth rather than sharing the fruits " He planned pledges for multilateral stimulation to promote the national and common interests of the… Lire la suite
  • The Bridge Tank participated in the G20 / Think20 kick-off meeting in Riyadh 18 January 2020 At this meeting we presented our ideas and plans for a policy brief to G20 leaders on increasing the financial envelope of the Green Climate Fund. The Brief will be directed by The Bridge Tank and involves contributors from Tunisia, China, India, Indonesia, Germany, Italy and France. Over the past… Lire la suite
  • T20/G20 Policy Brief : Innovative Green-Technology SMEs as an Opportunity to Promote Financial De-Risking 1 June 2018 By Joël Ruet(The Bridge Tank and CNRS-CEPN), Elena Verdolini(FEEM and CMCC), Céline Bak(CIGI and Analytica Advisors),  Anbumozhi Venkatachalam(ERIA) “We recommend that the G20 target innovative green-technology SMEs as an opportunity to promote financial de-risking while addressing Paris Agreement commitments and UN Sustainable Development Goals. This should be achieved by creating signals for private… Lire la suite
  • Research Paper: One Belt One Road and the Reconfiguration of EU-China Relations 1 March 2018 At the 2017 Davos Economic Forum, Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized the merits of globalization and called for more effective measures and structural reforms to establish equitable governance and build new growth models. The “One Belt One Road” (OBOR) initiative has been accelerated with the Chinese presidency of the G20… Lire la suite
  • Non-Aligned Capitalism 14 August 2017 EMERGING COUNTRIES, OR THE NEW INDUSTRIAL RELATIONSHIP OF THE WORLD The rise of emerging economies is one of the greatest transformations of the twenty-first century. However, they are still poorly understood. They neither converge towards a capitalist-liberal model in a process of unification, nor can be considered as centralized and… Lire la suite
  • The Bridge Tank, a T20 member, participated in the G20 Summit in Hamburg 14 August 2017 The Think20 (T20) is a network of research institutes and think tanks from the G20 countries. Its role is to provide policy recommendations to the G20. It also facilitates interaction between members and shares global issues through its blog. The Bridge Tank, member of the T20, participated in the G20… Lire la suite
  • When a South African court attacks the remaining pillar of globalization 19 July 2017 The G20 leaders met on the 7th and 8th July in the harbour city of Hamburg, a Symbol of trade where they sought new keys to globalization through investment. Thousands of kilometers to the south, would the setting seizure of an innocuous African boat of fertilizers anchored in an African… Lire la suite
  • T20/G20 Policy Brief: GREEN SHIFT TO SUSTAINABILITY: Co-benefits & Impacts of Energy Transformation on Resource Industries, Trade, Growth and Taxes 1 June 2017 By R. Andreas Kraemer (lead) – Center for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), Canada,Joël Ruet – The Bridge Tank, France,Barry Carin– Center for International Governance Innovation (CIGI), Canada, Max Gruenig– Ecologic Institute, Germany & United States, Fernando Naves Blumenschein & Renato Flores– Fundação, Getulio Vargas(FGV), Brazil, Akshay Mathur– Gateway House, India, Clara Brandi – German Development Institute (GDI-DIE), Thomas… Lire la suite
  • Policy Brief: Financial Regulation and Climate Emergency – For Greener Prudential and Accounting Standards 1 June 2017 Abdeljellil Bouzidi, The Bridge Tank, has co-authored a Brief for the Think Tank Terra-Nova which the authors state that «It is vital for our economies to quickly reconcile funding methods with climate goals. Both the prudential regulation of European finance and the accounting system are still exclusively focused on the… Lire la suite
  • How new technologies contribute to the implementation of the SDGs? 23 May 2017 Breakthrough technologies offer the opportunity for emerging countries to leapfrog others in terms of their inclusive growth path and to bridge revenue and gender divide.   ICT-enabled solutions create benefits in income, health outcomes, and time saving. This could take the form of a “doctor in your pocket” since ICT… Lire la suite
  • The reopening of the Bonn climate negotiations: what are the challenges for COP 23? 23 May 2017 Joël Ruet was interviewed by the Moroccan National Radio and Television Company (SNRT) on the reopening of negotiations in Bonn.     One of the main issues raised during this interview was the ambiguous position of the United States, as the election of Donald Trump represents an uncertainty for the… Lire la suite
  • The case for sovereign climate bonds How to combat climate change with fiscal policy? 15 February 2017 “Investment in a low-carbon future is a key priority for many governments across the developed and developing world, and also for central banks looking to diversify their investment portfolios. One proposal for turning this priority into action is through the creation of climate policy performance bonds – calling them ‘sovereign climate… Lire la suite
  • Our take on the Low Emission Solutions Conference – COP 22 31 January 2017 Download the full report here. This report details the discussions and conclusions at the LESC conference from November 14th to 16th as part of the COP22 in Marrakesh. The report is meant to be a collection of data, quotes, and viewpoints put forth by the speakers and panelists over this three-day… Lire la suite
  • Summary of Side Event “Structuring New Markets Linked to Climate Change: South-South Business Models for After the COP22” 6 December 2016 The Side Event “Structuring New Markets Linked to Climate Change: South-South Business Models for After the COP22”  was organized in the Green Zone of the COP22 on November 16, 2016. The speakers included: Thomas Eymond-Laritaz, Director - APCO Global Solutions (Moderator); Abdeldjellil Bouzidi, Economist, Manager at Emena Advisory, Member of the Public… Lire la suite
  • Our Take on the COP22 5 December 2016 The Bridge Tank arrived in Marrakech for the COP22 with a clear focus of the objectives ahead. In the context of the recent launch of our InnovaCOP platform, the purpose of our two-week stay was threefold: (1) to survey and document global innovative trends in the fight against climate change… Lire la suite
  • Marrakesh – World Climate Summit at COP22 2 December 2016 The Bridge Tank team was invited to attend the World Climate Summit, organized on the sidelines of the COP22 on Sunday, November 13th at the Palm Plaza Hotel in Marrakech. The joint sponsors of the event were World Climate Ltd, the Kingdom of Morocco, and IRENA. This summit has been… Lire la suite
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