Suresh Prabhu speaks at the conference “Water and sanitation for all: the fight against pandemics”

Suresh Prabhu, member of the Bridge Tank’s board, took part in the online conference “Water and Sanitation for All: The Fight Against Pandemics”, hosted online by the global social movement One Shared World, on the 12th of November 2020. On this occasion, he addressed over half a million people and confirmed India’s support to ensure clean drinking water, basic sanitation and hygiene across the world. He committed to representing “poor people who have no voice, and so they can’t be heard” and to fight for water and sanitation for all.

Among the other keynote speakers were Shah Chowdhury, co-founder and President of Footsteps Bangladesh and winner of the 2020 AFS Prize for Young Global Citizens, and Jack Slim, Founder of the World Toilet Organisation and the World Toilet Day initiative.

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