Insights into Emerging Economies n°7 : Moving Towards Sustainable and Concrete Solutions for the South

The green light from the European Union for the ratification of the Paris Agreement has just been given. This is good news after 62 states have already ratified the text, including China, India, and Morocco. And an assurance that we will see the December 2015 agreement enter into force.

However, if on paper this historic and global text recognizes the need to limit global warming below 2° C by 2100, which implies the total decarbonization of our economies, in reality little has been said regarding technical, legal, or financial solutions that need to be implemented.This is especially true in the South, where countries face the double challenge of inclusive development and adaptation.

This is the path that today must be taken by states, well-thought-out actions focused on the long term. In the 7th  Insights into Emerging Economies, we therefore insist on the essential establishment of the rights and legal frameworks of states conducive to the deployment of solutions. We also focus on the innovations that are already in progress in sustainable agriculture in Africa and the actions of the International Solar Alliance.

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