Inaugural Dinner for the Launch of the InnovaCOP Platform in the Presence of Madam Minister El Haite

On September 28th, The Bridge Tank organized a dinner to launch the InnovaCOP platform at the Maison des Polytechniciens, in the heart of the 7th Arrondissement of Paris. Ms. Hakima El Haite, Deputy Minister of the Environment in Morocco, was present at the event, which brought together several renowned guests: presidents and representatives of foundations, members of the management team of companies, investment funds, lawyers, and experts. Sylvie Benard, Director of Environment at LVMH, Raphael Shoentgen, president of Hydrogen Europe and Chief Technical Officer of ENGIE, Claire Martin, director general of Renault-Nissan Consulting, and Jean-Luc Perron, chief executive of the Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation, were notably present.


Joël Ruet, chairman of The Bridge Tank, opened the dinner by recalling the purpose of the InnovaCOP platform, a platform for exchange and action that brings together actors from all backgrounds: politics, finance, business, the private sector, and academia. Ms. El Haite recalled that the Paris Agreement is among the most advanced multilateral agreements, one that involves a total change of the development model, but also one that must be materialized: “the COP22 absolutely must honor the promises made in Paris”. She reiterated the need for political will and coherence, particularly in the reorientation of financial flows to low-carbon technologies. “The COP22 aims for a COP of action and innovation. In this context, we expect that all the sectors engage in concrete actions for the climate. We will build bridges among actors along the same lines as the Bridge Tank project.”



The objective of this inaugural dinner was in effect to bring out innovative solutions and practical recommendations based on the discussions around the key issues of the COP22. The discussion was focused on the theme “What Are the Requirements and Tools in Order for the Challenges of Climate Change to Offer Real Economic Opportunities?


It was in that sense a working dinner, where according to the procedure in which proposals emerged supported by The Bridge Tank, guests spread over four tables had the mission of discussing and generating ideas and recommendations around central themes: energy transition and innovation, technology solutions, expertise and training, new tools for green finance, mobilization of investors, and even green philanthropy. At the end of the meal, each table moderator was responsible for synthesizing the content of the discussions in order to share it with the Minister and the rest of the guests. The results of this dinner-debate will also be presented at the Innovation 360° side event organized by The Bridge Tank during the COP22 in Marrakech.


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Mr. Ruet concluded by recalling the objective of InnovaCOP and stressing that “if we do not connect the various innovative initiatives, established and future, we cannot move forward”. Ms. El Haite, for her part, thanked The Bridge Tank and emphasized that it adhered to its mission: “Innovation is hope. Humankind can push back all borders and we will find a solution together”.

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