The visit of the French President in India, beyond the Rafales’ deal

The Chairman of The Bridge Tank, Joël Ruet, has commented on France 24 channel the 24th January 2016 the visit of the French President François Hollande in India.


Joël Ruet defended the idea that France needs to understand the position of India today. He said that “Beyond the Rafales ‘ deal, India is no longer a developing country; it is definitely a game changing country that develops innovative and co-innovative partnerships in order to strengthen its role in global industry along with China”.

Therefore, this continuity of the historic relationship between India and France needs to incorporate The “Make in India” program and the new vision of Narendra Modi.




For more details, find below the video of the intervention of Joël Ruet.

[vimeo id=”152983255″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

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