The emergence : a matter of economic diversification


On the occasion of COP21, December 8, Joel Ruet, Chairman of The Bridge Tank, and Guillaume Henry, the lawyer entitled Intellectual Property, presented the report “Sustainable Development and Intellectual Property: Access to technologies emerging” at the prestigious Club “Cercle de l’Union Interalliée”.

In his address, Joel Ruet said, “Today, the major sites of economic specialisation become increasingly temporary. That is a great lesson from economic emergence: the idea to specialize, the “great economic idea” since the end of the nineteenth century trade theory, if not moribund, at least becomes dangerous for economic territories that apply it too strictly. By the time a territorial specialization develops, the global industry has already changed. It is therefore important to promote options for rapid redeployment. This is about fertilizing the diversity of territories. That may be a role for the state.”



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