COP22 in Marrakech: “Structuring the new climate change markets: The South-South Business Models for after COP22”

This conference entitled “Structuring the new climate change markets: TheSouth-South Business Models for Post-COP22”, was held on November 16 in the COP22 “Green Zone” (civil society) as the third of four conferences hosted by the Bridge Tank during the COP22 summit in Marrakech between November 7 and 18, 2016.

It proposed a new analysis of globalization after COP21 and COP22, built on a global, regional and local ecosystems approach. The question of tomorrow’s markets for sustainable technologies and services was addressed: several innovations can be deployed and profitable provided they meet the needs of emerging and developing countries. In this respect, the idea that only the economies of the North must move towards a green economy is simply no longer valid.

This conference brought together different business representatives and policy makers, who were able to discuss the challenges, develop a common understanding of the consequences of future regulations and assess the impact of COP21 and COP22 on their own areas, with a clear vision of future opportunities.

The Bridge Tank was present at this event, represented by Joël Ruet the President and Abdeldjellil Bouzidi, Managing Partner at Emena Advisory and member of the Bridge Tank’s Steering Committee. Abdeldjellil Bouzidi argued that green finance has focused too much on mitigation and not enough on adaptation. He also argued that “Debt for Climate Swaps” would be a viable financing solution for countries with large amounts of debt. He added that green bonds with an interest rate linked to environmental performance can attract virtuous investors. JoëlRuet argued that in Morocco, these green bonds with a variable interest rate should get the attention of the MASEN New Energies Group.

The speakers were Catherine Girard, energy and commodities expert at Groupe Renault, Thomas Eymond-Laritaz, executive director of APCO Global Solutions. Catherine Girard stated that electric vehicles, despite their obvious advantages, require the establishment of a new “ecosystem”.


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