The Bridge Tank participates at the France-Morocco meeting at the National Assembly

The Bridge Tank participated in the France-Morocco meeting on 5 July, jointly organised by the France-Morocco Friendship Group of the National Assembly and the Morocco-France Friendship Group of the Moroccan House of Representatives. The event took place at the National Assembly in Paris and focused on the theme “Reforms in Morocco, a bulwark against instability”.

Round tables followed one another and allowed the various speakers to discuss recent reforms and developments in the Kingdom concerning human rights, public freedoms, the development model or the restructuring of the religious field.

A panel of French and Moroccan deputies, senior civil servants, journalists and researchers participated in this day, introduced by Mr. Luc Châtel, President of the France-Morocco Friendship Group, Mrs. Aatimad Zahidi, President of the Morocco-France Friendship Group, and Mr. Chakib Benmoussa, Moroccan Ambassador in France.

Joël Ruet, President of the Bridge Tank, spoke during the round table on the theme “Towards a more sustainable and inclusive development model”. The modification of the country’s economic structure, notably through numerous investments, has indeed enabled the kingdom to grow. It is now a question of making this growth more sustainable and more inclusive, particularly in the context of Morocco’s strong commitment to climate change and the approach of COP22. The Bridge Tank is particularly interested in new models of growth and inclusive development in Africa

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