The Bridge Tank attends the 62nd Congress of the Liberal International with Presidents Ouatara and Sall of Ivory Coast and Senegal

The Liberal International 62nd Congress took place between the 28th and the 30th of November 2018 in Dakar, Senegal.  

On this occasion, amongst the keynote speakers present were African presidents and heads of state members of the Liberal International, including the President of Ivory Coast Alassane Ouattara, the Senegalese President Macky Sall and the exiting chairman of the Liberal International Juli Minoves. They discussed the expansion of the Liberal International in other African countries and the limitations of presidential mandates and rewriting of constitutions. President Ouattara encouraged his Senegalese counterpart to follow his example, repeating his promise not to candidate again at the end of his second mandate, arguing that the two mandates limitation was a key element to maintaining democracy in Africa. President Sall acknowledged this statement whilst reminding his audience that legally the amendment of the Senegalese constitution to limit the exercise of power to two mandates did not apply to his first mandate.

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