Bengaluru – Spirit of Innovation at the 12th India Innovation Summit

Indu Krishnaswamy, from The Bridge Tank attended, the 12th Innovation Summit hosted by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) held on July 28th and 29th. The event was held in Bengaluru, India and was focused on “Celebrating the Entrepreneur”.

The 2 day event brought together entrepreneurs, Corporate C-Suite teams from India’s largest consumer goods, technology, finance and consulting companies, representatives from the Indian, US and Israeli governments and academics from India’s top ranked engineering and business schools. Multiple panels were convened to discuss at-length and in-depth the revolutions that start-ups were enabling (initiating) in the transport, healthcare, hospitality, education, entertainment and finance sectors.

While information technology and science were the themes that recurred across the panel discussions, the importance of focusing on sustainable development, climate related initiatives and green technology were highlighted by corporations and identified as areas that were ripe for green field development in India. In addition participants emphasized the importance of connecting start-ups with larger well-established firms in various verticals so that the creative and progressive ideas generated by the former could be magnified and dispersed by employing the human, technical and financial resources of the latter.


Session on Innovation in the Transport Sector_1


The emphasis placed on these two topics by industry leaders and innovators underscores the importance of developing ecosystems that support innovative projects generated in emerging economies, an aspiration that resonates with The Bridge Tank’s vision. The Bridge Tank intends to actively participate in helping make this ambitious goal a reality.

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