The Observatory of Emerging Industries

The Observatory of new industrial, economic, and financial ecosystems in emerging economies, originally incubated at Ecole des Mines – ParisTech, is a reference platform for forward-looking energy, technology, environment and mining industrial ecosystems.

Our expertise is centred on the issues of national markets, industries and innovation in emerging countries and their impact in the global economy, revolving around two key ideas:

  • That Emerging economies enable innovative industrial and financial ecosystems.
  • And that many of these ecosystems already contribute to the emergence and development of new global business models.


(The Observatory of Emerging Industries is supported by IMD – Institut de la Mobilité Durable Renault-ParisTech, OEEC – Observatory of Emerging Economies Consultancy UK Ltd, and Osservatorio sulle economie emergenti di Torino)

Insights into Emerging Economies n°8 – Perspective on China’s investments and a close-up on clean energy storage in the Global South


Although China’s growth experienced a moderate slowdown in 2015, its foreign investment on the other hand soared. Officially set up in December 2015, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is showing the Asian giant’s firm intention to move away from a strategy based on mass production towards a logic of enhancing its capital both regionally and globally. The Bridge Tank deciphers this new power of investment.