The Founders’ Column

We, practitioners in the fields of ideas, communication and debate, each of us at the interface of the worlds of business, politics, and ideas, share a belief: emerging countries become game changers, when they take action to truly forge and disseminate their own visions and identities. The Bridge Tank is an initiative to listen to and engage in dialogue around these visions.

Energized by this ambition, we place our respective networks and experience of more than twenty years as directors of large firms, advisers to governments and associates to leading think tanks at the service of a debate built around emerging economies’ growing influence.

With the capacity to deepen expertise, with tools and platforms dedicated to a partnership with stakeholders of economic, civil, and political society, we already serve as an incubator of projects that contribute to a world that reshapes itself around emerging countries.

Thomas Eymond-Laritaz, Joël Ruet, Saoussen Thiery