Meet our Team


 Joël Ruet

Specialist of Emerging Economies, Joël Ruet was Alumni of Ecole des mines, Paris & London School of Economics. He has lived in Paris, Cairo, New Delhi, Bombay, London, Beijing and Dakar.

Emmanuel Dupont

Adviser to the President

Indu Krishnaswamy

Adviser to the president

Racine Sall

Adviser to the President

Jayna Kothari

Associate Director India

Maribel Lozano Rojas

Associate Director South America

Selly Wane

Associate Director Africa

Zhao Wei

Associate Director China

Edouard Lanckriet

Cluster Manager – Nature as Capital

Fanny Costes

Chief Editor

Sophia Semlali

Project Manager - InnovaCOP

Haruki Sawamura

Analyst at the Observatory

Xieshu Wang

Finance Analyst

Alessandro Bordoli

Research Assistant

Fiona Oweke

Research assistant

Joséphine Glorion

Research assistant

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