Meet our board

The Bridge Tank® is a “link-and-think” tank dedicated to the growing role of emerging countries in global change. This objective is grounded in a global advisory board of leading decision-makers who help us connect visionaries who are changing their societies.

Our missions push us to pool know-how and capacity for analysis and engagement across the world. This approach avoids the hurdles of thought that are isolated by geography or sector, and allows for participation in the post-emergence world. Our advisory board helps us in building, deepening, and sharing expertise … and passion.

Yoginder K. Alagh

Former Minister of Power, Government of India, and Board member, TATA Chemicals

Abdeldjellil Bouzidi

Member of French Official Statistical Authority & Coordinator for Economics, Terra Nova Foundation

Dr. Mamadou Lamine Diallo

Member of Parliament, Senegal. Former Cabinet Director, President of the African Union Commission.

Aïssa Dione

Senegalese Entrepreneur – Designated among the 20 most powerful women by Forbes Africa 2014

Thomas Eymond-Laritaz

Senior Director of Government Relations – APCO, Former Adviser to the Georgian President.

Prof. Driss Guerraoui

Secretary General of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, Morocco.

Ghislaine Hierso

Pte SAGES&RESPONSABLES, Coopératrice de B&L Evolution, VP of the “Cercle de Réflexions et d’Actions Valeurs Vertes”

Prof. Kang Rongping

Member of the Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of World Economy and Politics (IWEP), China.

El Hadj Hamidou Kasse

Minister of Communication - President's Office, Senegal, Chairman XVth Francophonie Summit’s Committee.

Vincent Perrin

General Delegate of Champagne’s Committee, former OECD Representative in Beijing.

Prof. Qiu Haixiong

Professor, Sun Yat Sen University and Adviser to the Governor of Guangdong Province, China.

Dr SY Quraishi

Former Managing Director of the national TV, former Chairman of the Electoral Commission, India

Hamed Diame Semega

Former Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, and Former Minister of Mines , Energy and Water. Mali

Mohamed Soual

Chief Economist, Office Chérifien des Phosphates. Former Director Caisse des Dépôts et de Gestion, Morocco.

Aissata Tall-Sall

Member of the Parliament, former Minister of Communication & Government Spokesperson, Senegal.

Saoussen Thiery

Head of Cabinet and Coordination, Employment and Development Department of HRD, EDF Group.

Jasmine Zerinini

Lawyer, Accredited Mediator, London. Former Deputy Director for South Asia, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Suresh Prabhu

Former Member

Minister of Railways, Government of India, Former Minister of Power, Industry, Former G20-sherpa to the Prime Minister.