Replugging Finance

The world is facing three financial challenges, each with a different temporality. The first challenge is the short-term refinancing of public debt. The second is a medium-term goal: to ensure development and emergence for the disadvantaged regions of the world. The third challenge relates to the fact that the global economy will not be stable without long-term financing of Global Public Goods (GPG). These include such things as the sustainable development objectives; a green fund to fight climate change; market stabilization of mining resources remodelled for emerging countries’ investment; a true banking system in Africa; the funding of climate transition.

Yet, public finance’s raison d’être is to address these distinct horizons via a single mechanism. And that of project financing, is to enable the potentials. Given the right ecosystem of financial services and skills, the issue of founding a renewed global public finance system, governed in common, shall be favourable to the scaling up of innovative project financing.

At The Bridge Tank we propose innovative ideas in the areas of public finance and projects, including the creation of a global currency unlocked through investment funds dedicated to emergence.