Non-Aligned Capitalisms


Production is not global simply because ships carry products to the four corners of the Earth, but because each product connects these four corners with each other.

The way in which businesses in emerging economies integrate themselves into global production, the way in which they create and structure a local job, the equilibrium at which they aim among local, national, and global markets, their training capacity and ability to energise the combination of these markets – all these issues will determine on a global scale the rhythm of the transformation of production, of labour, of capital, and of the roles of the state.

In short, even “seen from the North” it becomes impossible to hold a debate without the “Emergents”. The Bridge Tank interprets the modes of insertion of emerging territories and businesses into the global economy and its global governance. Our team analyses the transformation of industries and the resources on which they capitalise: not merely technological capital, but also natural, human and social ones.