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Guangzhou, China – Round Table and Presentation on Financial Innovation and the Development of the Banking Industry


As the countdown to the beginning of the COP22 conference continues, it’s important to understand what the perspectives of the major stakeholders will be. It’s no coincidence then that Joël Ruet, our well-traveled Chairman at The Bridge Tank, decided to make a trip to China this past weekend. Mr. Ruet spent Sunday, October 30, in Guangzhou, a sprawling port city and mega metropolis in the southeast of China, where he participated in a discussion on a topic that is sure to be on everyone’s mind g

InnovaCOP at COP22 : Programme of Side-Events


The COP 22 marks the beginning of a new cycle of COPs: COPs of action. For all stakeholders, today’s challenge is to identify the tools that will permit the implementation of the commitments made last December. Thus, this will also be the COP of innovation: innovative ideas, tools, and solutions. This is why we are organising multiple side events in Marrakesh on the sidelines of the COP 22, as a part of our InnovaCOP initiative, a platform of action and interaction for innovation.

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@JoelRuet,Chairman of @TheBridgeTank is participating in the T20 @GlobSols. Our 2 Briefs for the #T20 Task Force
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