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Insights into Emerging Economies n°8 – Perspective on China’s investments and a close-up on clean energy storage in the Global South


Although China’s growth experienced a moderate slowdown in 2015, its foreign investment on the other hand soared. Officially set up in December 2015, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is showing the Asian giant’s firm intention to move away from a strategy based on mass production towards a logic of enhancing its capital both regionally and globally. The Bridge Tank deciphers this new power of investment.

Our take on the Low Emission Solutions Conference – COP 22


Download the full report here. This report details the discussions and conclusions at the LESC conference from November 14th to 16th as part of the COP22 in Marrakesh. The report is meant to be a collection of data, quotes, and viewpoints put forth by the speakers and panelists over this three-day period. In addition, we have added our own analysis and evaluation throughout the document, which is meant to help connect the different ideas presented. The LESC conference was intended as a workshop

Summary of Side Event “Structuring New Markets Linked to Climate Change: South-South Business Models for After the COP22”


The Side Event “Structuring New Markets Linked to Climate Change: South-South Business Models for After the COP22”  was organized in the Green Zone of the COP22 on November 16, 2016. The speakers included: Thomas Eymond-Laritaz, Director – APCO Global Solutions (Moderator); Abdeldjellil Bouzidi, Economist, Manager at Emena Advisory, Member of the Public Statistics Authority (France); Catherine Girard, Expert Leader, Energy and Commodities Strategy, Renault; Joël Ruet, Chairman – The

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